baby back ribs recipe.

i thought it would be an appropriete time to post this fab recipe for the super bowl and such. this is the best ribs i've ever tasted. My husband is the mastermind behind it. i could eat the whole rib if he'd let me.  we have been eating these for about 6 years and they never disappoint.

Items needed:
-babyback ribs
-1 T margarine,
-1 T honey,
-2 T brown sugar,
-2 T applejuice

oven: 250

Step 1:
remove membrane from concave surface of ribs.  this is a bit tricky at first but once you get a good grip of it, it comes right off. but I personally hate this part.  I hate raw meat....blah...

Step 2:
place ribs on drip pan concave surface up and cover (with foil)

Step 3:
bake for 2 hours

Step 4:
remove from oven and scrape off scum layer from ribs

Step 5:
place ribs in foil, concave surface up to wrap them then spread the following:
warm up 1 T margarine, 1 T honey, 2 T brown sugar, 2 T applejuice and spread over concave surface

Step 6:
seal off foil

Step 7:
bake another 2 hours at 250

Step 8:
remove from oven and increase temp to 350

Step 9:
pour off excess juice
coat ribs with moderate coat of BBQ sauce and bake 10 min on one side

Step 10:
remove can place 2nd coat of BBQ sauce (final coat so put the amount you want), flip over and bake 10 min

you're done! 
Serve with rice or potatoes or anything you want!

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