struggles makes up stronger...right?

I am not even going to try to be suave about my life right now. 
It's difficult.
Some of you already know from Facebook that I am dealing with Kate's night waking.  She likes to wake up 1-2 times a night, crying that she needs to go potty.
So i've been working really hard to make sure she can do everything by herself.  No helping with wiping pee pee, or washing hands.  She needs to do this by herself, right?
She used to not do this.  But I know it's because of the move and all the changes we are going through.  So I just need to be patient with it.  It's just hard not getting a full night's sleep.

So with that, I need to go to bed earlier, right?
sigh, that would be so nice right?
Nights are tricky for me since it's MY time away from little hands, whinings, crying and wiping snotty noses.
So i want to indulge in it.  So it gets really difficult to cut it short and go to bed.
And another thing.
In the morning, due to my staying-up-late choice, it's really hard to get up. 
the kids have been sleeping til about 7:45 am. 
They've always been my alarm clocks.
Yet with Emma having preschool at 8:30 AM, I now have to get up BEFORE they wake up.
Talk about HARD.
What has happened to me?!
Seriously, I miss having a nursing baby.  I would be up by 7 to take on the day.
Now I am struggling at 8 am.
I need to pump up my self-disipline!
So i am at an unfamiliar crossroads.
It's time to be an adult Lyssa.
Being a mom of 3, it's about time you wake up, get ready or get things done before they wake up.
Let's be that mom that is happy, chipper, DRESSED (maybe even showered....but let's not get too carried away)
Because i want to be that mom.  really, I do.  It's just HARD to change habits, you know?
Joe's been advacating this movement for a while, especially the going to bed early one, because he does usually and hates to go to bed alone.
and now he has to be at work by 7, which means he sets the alarm by 5:15, those mornings and days do a dozy on me!

So I need to step up my game.  I need to make goals and stick with them.
These goals are meaningful and important for me and my family.

Okay, onto another topic:
What do you do when you want to cut your hair SHORT so it's easy to manage but you know your husband prefers long hair.
Because I would love to do something like this:

 But I love this look too. 

I just want a change, a big drastic one that I am not used to.
This second is just too close to what I ususally do.
I hate that I am stuck in a "comfortable 2002" hair style.
I need to break out.
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