i got in a fight with a lawn mower...

ok soooooooo.....
a few things I've learned from this..
-take serious advice seriously.
-research your options and listen to recommendations
-don't rush it
-hair DOES grow back
-find a friend who will fix your hair and make it look fabulous.

So yesterday, Joe's day off, I went to town to cut my hair.
Oh, how did I find the salon?  
I called around all the salons and the first one that answered and had an opening, that's who I went with...very very stupid.

So i'll spare the details of the experience but when I came home, this is what my hair looked like:

 Don't you love my face in this?  it was reflection of what was both inside and outside...

Today, I attempted to fix it myself...to no avail.

So I emailed a friend here in the ward, Noelle aka, the saint, and I went over there tonight and she fixed it right up.  I LOVE how it looks now:

I love this a-line haircut.  
What took me so long to cut it like this?
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