hourly ritual.

mom: "oh, luuuuke"
luke: mimics peekaboo
mom: "haa ha no sweetie, not boo!  What are you doing with those lids, hmm?"
luke: smiles mischievously
mom: "you can't take those out, honey.   An angry mob with pitchforks and torches will soon be here to take me to the local asylum if you don't stop this!"
 luke: "mom, I just want to be where you are...always.  and when you are in the kitchen, I get bored so I find my "toy" bins and play while you make me food."
 mom: "Oh is that what you are doing?  you little stinker.  I can't get mad at that explanation with that face, can I?"
luke: "nope.  now if you will excuse me, I will now proceed to put them all back into the bin and then empty it out again."

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