went to the library today.

I rented some books:
"Parenting with Love & Logic" by foster cline & jim fay
"The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child" by Alan Kazdin
"One year to an Organized Life" by Regina Leeds
this is my life....

bigger news,
this is the first time ever that I want to keep my hair short.
that's a big change for me since I have usually kept my hair long!
Here's a better view of it since I know you want to see it some more:

well my hair isn't all that preoccupies my time and energy.
I have been having emotional struggles these past couple of months as my children are still adjusting to this new move of ours.
Emma is struggling in preschool.
it is so hard to watch since in Pasco, she LOVED it.
she loved her teacher.  she loved her friends.
so then moving here, she has a big expectation in  her mind.
and I know it hasn't come even close.
Her new teacher is just not as "friendly" as her old one.  She is still wonderful and a great teacher.  But she just didn't get 5 year olds as much as Ms. Molly.  She kind of nit picks at the little things.  So I feel Emma gets a lot of negative attention and being told what not to do a lot.
and I can't say anything much there since I know i've had my fair share of that filling that bucket to her.
she is just plain testing our limits.
i'm exhausted.
I am sick of beating my head against a wall with her!
everything I say, she fights me...everything.
we just keep butting heads.
I don't want to do it anymore.
some days, i'm just done.  done with it all, you know?

next is Kate.  She seems to have been improving with the night wakes, which is good.
but thank goodness to all that is holy for Kate.
She is just so content to play, watch her shows, or draw.  
She doesn't need my constant attention like my other 2 children.

Luke, oh luke.  you are just too much.
you are adorable and talking and expressing your cute little voice.
I love it.
I love that inquisitive look.
You love to read and break things.
you are curious and like to dump out millions of drawers then put things back in.
silly boy.
but, your temper is heightening.
it's very humorous to watch as you melt to the floor.
your father and i are scared we have another Emma on our hands.

so as life settles down for us here, things are getting better slowly. 
but i'm excited for warm weather so we can get OUT of this HOUSE.

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