Tidy-Up Tuesdays

In efforts to give my blog some direction, I am going to try something new.
I am going to organize a few days of the week for specific things.
Tuesdays will be now known as "Tidy-Up Tuesdays"
This will be where I posted tips or ideas, organization or anything that has to do with "tidying up"

So this weeks installment...

I found this shelf at Salvation Army but when I saw it, it wasn't for the wall.
what I had in mind was something for my kid's coloring stuff that ALWAYS end up all over the table and floor below...no more!
So I got to work...I ripped off that hood...lid...roof thingy.

next, I grabbed my hacksaw and took off that stick along the top..
The purpose is this:
a place for all their crayons, markers, pencils, glue, scissors etc etc... but just wait...
I found this basket at Value Village about 4 months ago and guess what fits exactly inside of that?!
It's perfect for storing other items too on the side :)
So what used to be the usual sight for my poor dresser....
is no more!  The basket fits perfectly underneath and I have a clean, organized area...and my table can be eaten on again :)
and that, my friends, is Tidy-Up Tuesdays!

What are some things you have found that have helped you tidy up around your home?

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