seeing how this blog is fairly new, I thought introductions were in order.
I would LOVE to get to know you readers too!
Please leave me a comment, telling me about yourself :)

I was previously over at The Crafty Clique.  It originally started as a group to post tutorials of things being made at the monthly craft night over in San Antonio.  I wanted to still be apart of it when I moved to Vegas.  But it had dwindled until it was me and only me.  
So I needed a new space.  
Some of you might have picked up that after baby #3 came along, i've been struggling to find time to create.  I used to create much more than this past year.  I used to scrapbook like crazy!  and I miss it!
So I am anxiously engaged in finding that time again and scraping. 
So welcome!  Glad that you could join me in my attempts to find my crafty self again!

I stay at home with my 3 wonderfully mischevious children.
To stay afloat, I started taking some manditory "me" time.  It's been seven years now and i've just about dabbled in all sorts of crafts.  My favorites at the moment are furniture redos, sewing, scrapbooking and thrifty finds.  I try to also do the absolute cheapest route possible.

I currently reside in the NW in a rental, so my desire to remodel is on the backburner until we own a house...

I hope you enjoy what I conjure up on here! 

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