valentine's day decor tutorial

Alrighty, i've got a super cheap, super easy, and super CUTE valentines (or anytime of the year) decor for you today....
See those adorable hearts?!
Can you believe they came from these?
 Yep.  And i'm goign to show you how to make these yourself.
So first, fold the emtpy toilet paper rolls in half, like so.
 Next, cut them into strips, however wide you will want your hearts.
Next, you are going to push one end in to the shape of a heart.
 To keep that shape, I stapled that.
 next, you will use a hole punch to each side of the heart
 then grab your fav thread and thread through each heart to make a heart strand.
then you figure out where you want them put in your home :) 
I love the look they give. 
I seriously will keep this up all year!

the best part is it was free!
keep those tubes handy!
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