Today is finally over. I traveled to Utah alone with 2 kids. I was anticipating this day for months and i'm just glad it's over. And I can say that it went surprisingly well. I made sure to buys TONS of food for the girls to snack on the whole time in the airport and plane. And then I bought a bunch of new stuff for Emma to play with. The 2 things that saved me were the "color wonders" by Crayola. They are the markers that only mark on special paper. At HEB, there was a little set with Cars pictures and I knew that would be perfect. THe other thing was a "Paper craft" set I bought at Dollar Tree. It came with like 400 little stickers that distracted Emma for 1/2 the flight! I am just so thankful that it all went well and we are all safe! Now onto adjusting to family and time changes. I'll be here for 2 weeks, for my sister's wedding. Anyone in the area wanting to hang out or catch-up, let's do it! Pictures will be coming shortly. And obviously the computer problem isn't a problem since my familyhas working computers..yeah!
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