I Found a Cord!

K seriously so excited that I found a cord around here.
I have been dying to post the almost 200 pictures i've taken while here in UT.

So here's Phase 1: pre-wedding pictures

The day after we got to Utah, Jenny had her Family Bridal shower. It was great to see my extended family!

Here's Abby, my neice and Jenny!

Cute Kate
Jenny opening her gifts

The "Terry" girls:
Natalie, Ashley (who is marrying JC in Oct!), Jenny, Katie and Me

Now settling into the Grandparent's home. There were some rough days, i'm not going to lie to you. But there were some good times too.

The girls LOVE to play outside and what better place than Utah during this time of year?! It was so nice outside and my parents have the best lawns for it, not to mention the horses right across the street. They seriously escape the house as much as they can and go straight to the horses!

She's getting so close to walking!

We had a family get-together and hung out in the evening in our backyard. The girls again loved the trampoline, especially Kate! She loves to jump and bounce!

Jenny's Bridal Shower! I was anticipating this! She got some seriously awesome stuff. I'm a bit jealous. She could own her own lingerie store. My other sister posted one particular item, if you dare to check it out...I can't post it on here...it's a family blog :) But don't say I didn't warn you...and if you really want to find it, you're going to have to find it yourself!

Here we are at the Wedding dinner, the night before the wedding. Great food and laughs. We had to also say a memory about Jenny with a prop. Here's my jewel of a story:
Jenny and I shared a room growing up. One night, we were asleep. Jenny was having th weird dream about cows mooing but it was so loud that it woke her up. Yet the mooing was still going on. She looked around and thought there was a cow in her room...but no, no cow, just me asleep and snoring like a cow! I tried to deny it but it's probably true. Looking back now, it's kind of funny...
Katie's serious face...wha wah!

There is phase 1...next is phase 2: The wedding day...I know you are excited...

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