Ode to my Laptop

So my biggest fear became a reality yesterday morning.  My laptop computer has finally bit the dust.  I knew it was coming but I just didn't know when and I was hoping it would have been further down the road but what are you going to do?
Here's my Eulogy:

My cheap laptop, oh how i'll miss,
You got me through college and all that wedding bliss. 

You lived a great life, full of papers and surfing,
blogging and postings and edits and indulging.

You lived a long life, 5 whole long years!
It was a great journey but you've got old gears!

So long my old friend, good luck to what's to come,
I'll be patiently waiting till December (boo hoo!) for a new one...

Argh..that's right.  It's a sad truth to be told.  We can't afford buying anything right now with what's coming up with Joe's applications and interviews in the coming months...so with that said..
My blogging entries will probably decrease quite a bit.  My only access to a computer is when Joe gets home and when's he's done using it..which isn't that much.  But I hope to get a few out that I have pics for soon...soon, my pet, soon....

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