My freshman year of college, a friend of mine were huge fans of Coldplay and they were coming to concert in Salt Lake City. I was so excited. We planned to go. Yet sadly, when we were able to get the tickets, they were sold out...a BIG :(
That has always stuck out in my mind as one of my biggest regrets, not buying the tickets early enough to go!
And I thought I would never be able to see Coldplay in concert again. They are my ultimate favorite band ever. Yet they are on tour again!, which still doesn't mean I am going. The closest concert is in HOuston, Nov. 18th of this year.
Oh how bad I want to go!
San ANtonio is about 2 hours away. So the obstacles in not being able to go are Joe in school, (can't miss) and $$. I would love for JOe to come with me but honestly, how realistic is that?
Not very.
So i'm at this point in my life again where I want to see Coldplay in concert and it'll probably pass by me again...

To make things worse, my little brother is going here, in SLC. It kills me!
"I knew who Coldplay was before you were born!"

Yep, that's what I told him. I was a bit bitter...could you tell? lol

So for those of you's best if you just don't tell me.
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