Phase 2: The wedding

Something really excited happened on Saturday. And i'm not talking about Jenny's Wedding. Joe flew into town that morning! Originally, he wasn't going to come at all. Yet a week before I left, he got calls for interviews to AEGD programs in Salt Lake & Pocatello. He was able to set dates the following week, on Monday and Tuesday so it all worked out great! I was so happy to see him and so were the girls!

So back to the wedding :)

Her ceremony was at 1:30 and it was very special. I love temples and I was grateful that Joe was there with me in the Celetial Room. It made us that much closer.

Michael had kid duty so he had to haul all of them to the temple to take pictures after the ceremony. Those are never fun with 2 little kids, one of which missed her 2nd nap...EEK!

Little Beauty

The HAPPY couple
JC & Ashley have claimed my girls if we die, which I was fine with...

Time for Professionals...

After all those pics, we headed back to our house to prepare for the reception. We had her reception in our backyard and it turned out AWESOME. The best part was the blessed weather. All week, there were horrible forecasts for Saturday evening. Yet as time drew near, there were a few sprinkles but that was it. Totally blessing.

On top of preparing everything, we still had to take MORE PICTURES! Again, enough with the pictures!! No, it was fine but Emma had had enough.
Now onto the Reception!
Don't even think about it Emma....

Time to mingle and talk to guests..but first let's put the girls down!
We hurried and put the girls down for bed so we could have the rest of the night to us and our family and friends. It was great to see everyone.
Cutting of the cake :)

And throwing the bouquet!

We were able to dance, which I love to do and again, so glad Joe was there!

Here's the signing table
Beautiful Jenny
Can I just tell you how excited I am that Jenny and Steward got married? THey are totally perfect for each other! They compliment one another so well...maybe too well! But i'm happy they found one another. Glad to see Jenny is married now and taken care of :)

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