Honestly, why do I always do this to myself?
Why did I assume traveling alone with 2 kids, becoming a single parent for 2 weeks, would be fun, easy and a vacation?
Then there is Joe, home alone over in Texas.
My naive mind thought he's be totally missing us and realize how much he appreciates us as a family.
But to my astonishment, he's fine.
He is living the life.
He can do whatever he wants when he wants to do it: go to the gym, study, nap, sleep in.
And thus, the roles in my head have reversed.
Now, I write this with a bit of humor in it because it is just ironic. My family is great and helps alot but everyone, including me, have been swamped getting my sister's wedding ready for tomorrow. Then take in account the time it takes for the girls to adjust to this place...it makes for one hard vacation!
Bedtimes are the worst!
One night, I laid down with Emma for 1 hour and 1/2 and she still didn't fall asleep.
Last night, I just had to leave them and let them sleep themselves. I ran to the store. When I came back home, the light was on in the room...sweet.
I go up there and try to open the door. Emma is asleep on the floor next to the door. She's wedged between the door and my suitcase that she had moved next the a dresser to get some lotion from off the top of that. I squeeze myself through the door and assess the room:
clothes everywhere and Lotion was too.
I check on Kate, who wakes up quite easily but just looks up at me. I touch her to give her kisses and she's covered in lotion! Her hair is all gross and greasy and so is her face. So I had to quickly wipe as much as I could off of her. I picked up a bit, moved the suitcase back in it's place then scooped up Emma and put her in bed.
AHH! Emma Beth!
Honestly, she's going to be the end of me.
So I just find that Heaven Father has a funny sense of humor really. I'm trying to tell myself to just live it up, not to worry about the little meaningless things that go wrong because I don't see my family too often.
So in October, when my little brother gets married (they up-ed the wedding), Joe and I are only going, leaving my 2 sweeties in TX with Joe's mom...THANKS MARGIE!
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