Mother-Daughter Night...

I was debating on whether I was going to go this year with the stake but seeing how it's my last year here and Emma would love to be outside, I decided to dip my "toes in the water" and just come for the evening.  We arrived there around 6:30 pm and left around 9:30.  We set up a "great" spot and I walked around with Emma.  We then went to the river/lake and let Emma play.  It got dark pretty fast and we were not smart and forgot a flashlight so we were bumming off of everyone else's lamps and fire holes.  Here are the pics from that night.  Since my time on Joe's computer is tight, I just have to heap them all on without commentary :)  I had good times having Mommy/Emma time.  I need to do it more often!

I will say that Emma loved the fire pits!

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