I've been Awarded!

I've made a new friend in the blogging world. Her name is Merrianne. Anyone else been to her blog? It's absolutely hilarious and so fun! She seriously makes me smile everytime I come visit. And bless her heart, she awarded me this!

How could this not make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside? So Thanks Merrianne! I love you to pieces! So I am nominating a few ladies that i've met recently that are so fun to visit too:

Jaime over at Because I was Taught to Share is always on top with the latest giveaway and contests!

Tabitha over at This and That, Tabicat. She's such a craftster and she shares! She's got amazing tutorials!

Pumpkin Seed is an uplifting and crafty girl who has incredible talent!

Michelle over at Epicurean Style has great ideas, crafts and organizing to help any mom! She also makes the most adorable aprons!

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