shabby junk decor.

What started out as this, a cool stool that I got for free...

ended out as this, decorated with my book puff balls:

Ok so like I said, it started out like a stool:

But sadly, after so much use, the top just popped right off! 

Which to me, was such a shame because it is such a cool stool to me!  
So I got thinking what I could do for it...

Then the thought came to me a few weeks ago when I was preparing for the craft fair.  I was trying to figure out a way to hang my puff balls and tested out putting a branch in the stool as a way to hang them.

LOVE it!  And as you can see from the fair, it turned out really cool!

So when I got home, I wanted to have a cool piece like that somewhere and I found the perfect place!

For holiday fun, I added eggs!  I think i'll put fun ornaments for every holiday throughout the year!

So tell me what you think?  Should I paint the stool a different color or leave it?
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