thank you & reminders.

First and foremost,
Thank you.
Yes, you. the one reading the screen :)

With out you, my blog would not be possible!
Thank you for your comments and participating in my posts.  I love to read them, to get to know you more.

So thank you!

Just to give you a heads up, there will a few giveaways happening soon here.  So watch out for that.
Thank you for getting me up to almost 260 followers!

Okay so reminders:
 Impel Clothing is having a Great Escapes contest where 50 winners will get a free 3 day 2 night trip to over 15 destinations of their choice!
And it ends in 2 days!  So head on over there and sign up!!

And tomorrow I will be posting up the things i'll be selling at the craft fair!
They are all handmade and I am contemplating to maybe start selling them online...
I would love your opinions on them.  I know you are excited to see what i've made and are selling :)


And remember those shoes I wrote about about a month ago?

well I ordered myself a pair of grey ones and should be getting them in the mail any day!
I am very excited!!
I'll do a full review and let you know what I think of them.
But I highly recommend you checking them out!


Other than that, check out the weekly parties going on here, like Thrifty Thursdays & Scrapbook Sundays!

Have a good night!
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