weekend wrap-up aka HELP ME!!

How's everyone's weekend going?
Did you hit any yard sales?!  
I have noticed it is prime yard sale season!  
Just this weekend, I went to 5 of them just in my small town.
One of them was the best one I ever went to.
This lady owns a booth in the local antique mall and she was cleaning out her booth.  So she had some awesome stuff!
I went yesterday and then today.  I then went back right before she closed the yard sale and had everything FREE.  SO Excited!
I'll show you what I got on Thursday!  Wahoo!

In other news, remember me writing this post about this:

Well the linky party is closing tonight at midnight and voting immediately starts!
I need your help!!
I'm #10.
Just go HERE
Click on that star under my link, #10 and I will love  you forever ;)
Voting goes for 3 days.
Please help me get a chance to have Mandi over here to help me with my home!
I know there are big dogs out there trying their hands at this contest.  So let's have an Underdog win this time, eh? ;)
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