tidy-up tuesdays.

I finally tackled my dresser.  This dresser sits next to my bed and it is the drop off area.
Such a big mess!

First up, I put up my necklace organizer and earring holder on the wall to put my jewelry in its place!

Then I just cleared the whole top off and started putting things away.  It only took about 20 minutes and look at it now!

ahhhh..so much better!

These ceramic holders were free from my husband's office.  He was left with everything when he came to work.  We found them in the basement.  Perfect for earrings!
Here is where I hold my headbands, using 2 mason jars.  I think it is perfect for now.  Ideally I want them stored on the wall somehow but I am working on that...

So there you go!  This project is done and hopefully I can keep it clear from now on ;)

This one of many drop-off zones that I want to tackle!  One down, many to go...
What's your "drop-off" areas in your house?  
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