super surprise that starts with an "e" and ends with a "craft"

Guess what JUST got to my house...just guess....

It's here!
That's right, my friends.  I made the decision and went with a eCraft!!
Can you blame me?  Seriously?

I mean, the "no mat" alone hooked me in.
I've done that game and was just sick of being dependent on if I had a sticky enough mat to use it.
well NO MORE!

And now I have all weekend to learn how to use this bad boy.
Hopefully I can show you guys a thing or two, eh?
Ya, that sounds like a wonderful idea!!

Oh and if you are wondering, I got the Purpleberry :)
I am loving purple these days and don't know why....

Ok that is all.  I was just too excited to hold that in!

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