tidy up tuesdays: my home and then some.

Have you heard about this yet?  I bet you have.  This is probably going like a wildfire around blogland!

And of course, I have to jump on it.
Seriously, I love Mandi's style.
She appreciates thrift store finds and makes them beautiful like me!
If you haven't visited Vintage Revivals yet, please do so.  Right now.

So this post is showing off my home and the lack of style that it has..
oh and to tie it in with Tidy-Up Tuesdays, it also shows my home the cleanest it has or will ever be!!

My adorable rustic rental.  I love it. but it literally is a little rusty when it comes to the style department.
But who wouldn't want to come visit in the summer here?!  Mandi, you would love it.

Now i'll be just highlighting the main rooms, pointing out its flaws...pretty  much everything I would love Mandi to redo!

First up is the Girl's Bedroom.
I did not clean it up for visual affect.

This room is screaming for a makeover.

 I definitely wan to redo this dresser.

Their poor closet.  So much wasted space...

I even have a bunk bed waiting to be redone for their room....it's just on the "list"

Next up is the living room.  This room gets the most attention from me.  It's not as sparse or in need or serious help but I would love some pointers from Mandi.
Here's the view when you walk in from the front door.

There are my book puff balls in action!

Next is my dining room.  It could definitely use some work...

That desk is on my redo list as well...

Laundry room...we won't even go there...

Down the stairs...

To the cave toy room!

Upstairs you'll find my craft room.  Not worried about this one except I would love some organization tips!!

There you have it, a tour of my home with a plea for help from Mandi over at Vintage Revivals.
PS- Mandi, I am available June 1st to the 9th...that should be plenty of time, right?!

What room would you want to redo?

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