I need to stop partying...

So any one notice the absence of Scrumtrulescent Saturdays?
because I just don't know about it.

I have 3 other "parties" going on every week and recipes are not my high point.
Don't get  me wrong, I love recipes and trying them out.  But I'm no foodie.
I don't experiment with spices or any other edible item...
which there is nothing wrong with that!  I wish I were like that...my husband wishes I were like that!
I just try to get through each week to feed my family :)

So i think we are going to retire "Scrumtrulescent Saturdays".  
It's had a very strong 3 week run, don't you think?
I need the weekend free to hang out with my family and to do nothing.

So if you've come over today, wanting to link up, you can still leave a comment with the link and I will go visit your recipe.  I love seeing what everyone makes.  I've tried a few that have linked up these past few weeks and I am so impressed!  So much talent on blogland.

Anyways, you guys have a great weekend.  I'll see you tomorrow for Scrapbook Sundays!
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