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 Another week, another wonderful group of recipes!

Jen over at Pinstripe to Pearls shares this Easy Peasy Baked Ziti

Lindsey at Inspiring Creations has some yummy Spanish Rice...and a Raspberry Slushy!

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Alright, on to my recipe.

Our weekly menu usually has just a simple, plain but delish B.L.T.
Yep, we love our BLT's around here.

And I have the best way to cook the bacon.
I got this idea from my friend Maggie and BLT's have never been the same since.
It's all how you prepare the bacon before you cook it.
take 3 slices of bacon, cut it in half.
Then lay down 3 halfs then take the other 3 and weave them together, like so:
That's for two sandwiches above.

Throw it on the grill, flip when needs be and you'll get a lovely grid of bacon that fits perfectly on your sandwich!


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