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For those who don't know, I'm a Mormon.  I recently was given a calling (an opportunity to serve those in my church) to help out with activities for the ladies in the church.  This past Tuesdays, we had a special evening called, Hands that Serve.  
Our focus was to remind and encourage one another that through our hands, through our service, Heavenly Father blesses each and everyone of us.  We also did a bit of pampering for ourselves since we need to remember the importance of taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others!

Being on the committee, I signed up to make some cupcake stands, which are easy!  Grab some plates and cups/bowls/candlesticks and super glue and put them together!  These were put on the food tables with cupcakes on them for dessert!

Next were the centerpieces for the tables that we would be pampering ourselves with hand scrubs!
Cute huh?  They were free...which is even better!

So here's how they were made:
So I grabbed some mason jars..I have a lot!

I spray painted them pink, and grabbed some twigs from my backyard...

I filled it with rocks that my girls collected to hold the stick in place...

I found and wrote up some quotes and printed them off for each branch...

I marked 2 hole punches in 2 identical papers...

I put a paper on each side and tied them around the twig with some string and ta da!!
What do you think?

Here are the quotes:

Aren't those great quotes?
The evening turned out lovely and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of the night.  The message of the night was uplifting and it strengthened my efforts to use my hands for good!

So seeing how I have 2 sets of these beautiful quotes, I am giving one set away to one of you!
I'm going to put my set in some frames and hang them in all crazy-like in my craft room to inspire me as I create :)

So to enter:
Leave a comment letting me know what quote you like the best!

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-Tweet, post on FB or blog about this giveaway (1 pt. for each thing!)
-link to one of my parties!

Leave a comment for each thing you do!

This will end Next Saturday at Midnight :)

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