super quick green shirt redo

Ok so I woke  up this morning, remembering that my daughter was supposed to wear green today at preschool for St. Patrick's Day.
yikes...she has no green clothes...
So I had this old shirt in my stash that would work.

So i grabbed a random shirt of hers to kind of measure where to cut...
(and this was this morning at 7 AM so pardon the pictures)

So I cut it to how I want it...

I first sewed the sides...BUT I recommend doing the sleeves first because it's so small to work with once everything is sewn!

 Did a cute little cap sleeve for her.

 THen I just hemmed it to the length that I wanted and flipped it around.

And there's her green shirt for today.
Boy she was really excited and I was so happy she liked it!...(she's 5 and very particular!)

If you are in a tight spot today or tomorrow or EVER for a shirt, 
you can whip this up in less than a half an hour!

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