tidy-up tuesdays.

Have you ever used a stop watch when cleaning?
You'd be surprised how quickly things get done.

Our minds tell us that cleaning is such a long production.  We think of cleaning the kitchen and shudder at the time it takes to tackle it.

Well next time, grab a stop watch and see how long it really takes to unload the dishwasher.  I bet you it could be empty in 5 minutes!
When you break down time and realize that cleaning doesn't take all day, that you can accomplish things quickly and affectively, you see things in a different light!

Here are some examples:
-When you are waiting for your kids to eat their breakfasts, do a quick 5 minute pick up in the living room.
+When you are taking a shower, clean it!  You are already wet!
-As you wait for another load of laundry to dry, look around the laundry room and clean up what is off the floor.

Small and simple things like this make a big difference.  As you start to tackle these smaller jobs, you slowly chip away the big "mess".

Once I realized how quick things can be picked up, I've tried to squeeze cleaning during times when I would have otherwise done nothing.  Yesterday, there was about 10 minutes left until dinner was done.  So I quickly unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded up the stray dirty dishes.  The dish chaos was controlled and I wouldn't have to worry about dish duty after dinner!
And I am all about making things easier in the long run.

Have you tried this before?
What other time-saving tips do you know about?
I challenge you to time yourself cleaning this week!
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