my new home: cashmere.

I feel truly blessed to call Cashmere home.  It has a piece of everything that I wanted.  Small town.  Civilization nearby.  Mountains.  Outdoor wonderland.  Seasons.  Great Schools.  Lots of Young Families with lots of Kids.
I am so grateful for the job opportunity we found.

Here are some pictures from town that I took a few weeks ago.
Joe's office is in this picture below!  Do you see the red brick building down the street?  Next to the small white auto shop?  His office is in there, right downtown, about 2 minutes from home.  I'll be taking a pic of his building once the sign comes up in front!

It's finally setting in that we are staying here...forever?  maybe?  hopefully?
It's a weird feeling.  I'm so used to not getting attached to where we live.  It feels good to finally change my mind set and start planting some roots.

At the same time, it's hard to move to a new place.
It hit me today that I miss having close friends.  I feel alone in this small town.  
It's not surprising since i'm new.  Everyone here had a life before I moved here.  And don't get me wrong, the people here have been great and i've made some wonderful friends that have included me and took me under my wing, watched me kids, brought me dinners.  I couldn't ask for a more generous group of folks.  But i'm talking about good, close, best friends.  It's been awhile since I felt that I had that.  
Sorry if this is sort of a downer but it kind of just hit me today.  Now that i know we are living here, I can finally start having close friends without the fear of moving.  Make sense?
And not only me, but my kids too.  It's nice to know that they are making friends that will be around as they grow.  But again, it's hard to do that too when things were set, friends were made before we moved here.  So it feels we are trying to squeeze our way into these pre-set molds to make good friends.  
And i KNOW these are just my own insecurities in my head, making me feel sad and alone.  Plus the never-ending winter gloom that is ever present, we get stuck inside a lot with not much to do.  

Soon, spring will come, things will warm more ways than one and I won't feel like this.

Phew, that feels much better.  I seriously had to get that off my chest.

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