is it just me or is 2011 just flying by?
I can't believe March is almost over.  And not too much is going on around here.
pretty boring really.
Joe's practice is getting all their loose ends tied up.  Trying to get the word out and get new patients.
I'm finally finding "me" time again with things I like to do and a new ward calling.
but let's not forget my most important calling...mommy dearest.
My 3 little kids are busy, energetic and they all want lots of attention.
So we're trying to balance everything still.  But I think we're getting there slowly.

Here are some random pics of the month:
timer shot

I was playing around with my new camera.

 snot shot. & kate was making funny faces in the mirror.

These are when me and the girls were locked out of the house for 1 1/2 while Luke was inside running amuck.  For the most part, he watched us through the window.  Don't ask me why I had my's a long story...but by the end, he knew something was amiss and wanted us to come inside.

Luke's our little architect.  He did this whole tower by himself and added even more cans after these pics.

We like to use our fire stove.  It's fun to see everything burn.  And the kids know to not go by it  because it gets really hot,..I mean REALLY HOT!
I love these pictures.  So peaceful and serene.

Other than these, Joe's working and just got a calling as 12-14 yr sunday school out!
I'm "working" at home & getting ready for a craft fair.  
Emma's in Preschool and just started T-Ball.
Kate is doing fabulous at church and loves to sing.
Luke is doing great in nursery (they let him in at 15 month with our supervision because there are only 3 kids in there right now!  So being only 17 months, he's a nursery pro) and was w/o a parent for the third hour last week.  He is 100% boy and like to tease, get into mischief & mud puddles. 
That's us in a nutshell for this month.
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