eCraft Q & A

Just from the Silhouette VS. eCraft post, there's been a few questions from readers and i want to set it all straight and pass that along:)

So first question:

Does the eCraft cut fabric?

YES.  It does!  The following is cut and pasted from the official eCraft site:
What can it cut?
"Paper (standard, flocked, glitter, magnet, adhesive backed), card stock, vellum, vinyl, felt, organza, grunge paper, grunge board, wood veneers, chipboard, Fun Foam, and many other materials under 1mm thick. Want to decorate cake or cookies? need to buy a separate machine. Use the eCraft to cut Lucks Edible Image Food Decoration Sheets and easily add edible designs to cupcakes, cookies and much more!"

So from that, YES, it cuts all sorts of materials, specifically anything under 1 mm.  I watched a few demos around the web and found that it also cuts cotton too!  
And not only does it cut fabrics, it cuts decoration sheets for cakes and cupcakes too!?  That's something new!  Well, no need for the Cricut Cake machine now ;)

During my research, I found another blog that tested the machine with fabric and did a marvelous job!

So I feel good about that.  My creative well-being will not be hindered by this machine.  It will only blossom and grow!, that was a bit cheesy...sorry about that.

Next question that I was asked:

Can you download your own designs to the eCraft? 
Yes you can!  Here's a snip from the website:
"Bring your creativity to life with the eCraftshop Design Software. Connect your eCraft to your PC to access even more features than the eCraft offers as a standalone machine. Create banners 12" by any length, personalize images from your SD Card, customize and import your own SVG designs, and more! You can weld, flip, stretch, rotate, size, shadow, and control your own virtual cutting grid for perfect image placement and an economical use of space and material."
Can I use my own designs? 
Yes, using our eCraftshop Design software. The software will allow users to import SVG files and access True Type and Open Type Fonts, then establish draw and cut lines, or create your own images within the software using our design tools.

And just in recent months, the softwares SCAL (sure cuts a lot) & MTC (make the cut) have made it compatible with the eCraft!  If you do not know those programs, they work with electronic cutting systems in helping the user design and then cut them.  It's really user friendly and it's really used widely.  
So that's a plus too!

So for  now, my research continues...
What's your favorite thing about the eCraft that you've found?
What other questions do you have?
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