tidy-up tuesdays.

Remember these baskets I got last week from the Dollar Tree?
Well I was really excited to bring them home and get to work.

So I snipped off that loop piece on top.  And that was it. 
With these baskets, I spruced up my desk space.
These basket now hold all the annoying desktops items that clutter, like pens, markers, tape, calculator, scissors, pencils etc. etc.
oh so so nice!
All I did was put a nail in the wall and hang them up!

Ok next disaster area, my middle counter space, that is between my kitchen and dining room.
such a clutter spot!  I hate that!
This is a view from the kitchen of a typical sight it used to have all the time.
I had a basket on the counter but I swear things would crawl out of them and still end up on the counter!
so i grabbed some of  those hanging baskets....

And TA DA!!! So much better and out of the way.  These baskets hold notepads, phone chargers, my camera, checkbook.
And another thing I did that you can notice is used my pallet shelf I made from awesome Ana and used that to hold my laptop and my bag.  And look!  There's my key dish!  Everything has a home!

So about those hanging baskets, I'm thinking of painting them and putting numbers on them...
what do you think?

Ok so next stage in this little project was that I spruced up those clear plastic file folder shelves:

They needed something because I was not a fan of the plastic clear look!
So I grabbed some supplies:  Modge Podge, scrapbook paper of choice, pencil & scissors

I traced the shape onto the paper, knowing that I was giving it some leeway around the edges...
Then I just cut out the shapes and modge podged them on.  I was able to use 1 piece of 12x12 for the both of them!

Ta da!

And here they are, back on the wall.  Much better!

Are you a basket/bin lover too?  What are some fav things you use with them?

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