a super awesome cause.

So probably none of you know this but my sister, Katie,  was in a car accident a little over 8 years ago.  She became paralized from the waist down.
You would think that would have been a big downer in her life.
You would think that being a single parent to 2 small children would have been too much for her.
You would think, right?
The experience made her STRONGER than before.
And it didn't stop her!
She does more physically challenging things than I do, like skiing, golfing, water skiing and hand cycling.

And right now, she is earning money to go to race in the Boston Marathon!  Yes, can you believe it?!  She is going to race at the Boston Marathon!!
And she needs your help!

She is in need of funds to get her there, whether it's as big as a sponsor or as little as $5.  
Everything little bit helps!
If you aren't able to help, i'd love for you to help pass this along!

For those of you interested in donating or want to learn more, go to her blog for details:

Katie's Blog

Here's a short clip that was made about her.
It's very inspiring!  Thanks so much in advance guys!

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